Sunday, December 2, 2007


Henry Corwin was a meek man who was down on his luck when some Higher Power chose him to be the new Santa Claus for his TV dimension back in the early 1960s. His new circumstances led to a mild altercation with the Law, but it was all soon straightened out. Soon after, he was led away by a team of magical reindeer to begin a new and more glorious chapter of his life - as Santa.

Apparently, Henry couldn't totally leave his past life as a human behind him. With his heart so full of the Christmas spirit, it looks like he offered his identical twin brother a place to live at - or rather, beneath - the North Pole. And of course, his brother hated him for it.

His twin brother was a failure in life as well, but especially as a magician. His stage name was "Cosmo Scam" and it looks as though he preferred to be known by this rather than by his given name in the Corwin family. He took his brother's offer, but for the next several years he fed his disgruntled hatred for everything that his brother now had as Santa Claus. Over time he made alliances with the creatures who lived underground who were known as Frackles (not to be confused with Fraggles), and with their help plotted against his brother.

In 1970, Cosmo Scam made his move and kidnapped Santa Claus. He left his twin brother down below in the caverns and then disguised himself so that he now looked like the real Santa. One by one he replaced the elves with Frackles but his plan was finally undone not only by the courage of the elves but by the overwhelming power of the Christmas Spirit. (The voggish monsters left to guard over Santa Claus were won over by the magic of Christmas. I guess their hearts grew two sizes that day as well.)

It would be more than another ten years before the Santa Claus of this TV dimension would face trouble again there at the North Pole. This time the threat came from land developers, intent on destroying the home of Christmas magic in their greedy quest for oil. But with the help of those who truly understood the meaning of Christmas, Santa Claus was able to save not only the North Pole but the actual holiday.

Despite the worst thrown against him by those anti-environmentalists (who probably had ties to Haliburton), Santa Claus made sure that Christmas came. It came just the same.

It's unlikely we'll ever see the Santa Claus of that TV dimension ever again, as the man who played him in our world has passed away. But Santa is one of those TV characters destined to live forever, so we can be sure he's still at his workshop at the North Pole in his particular dimension.

And there he'll stay, always looking like Ed Norton of the main Toobworld,and like Art Carney in our world.....
So that's why this TV dimension's Santa Claus has been singled out for the dubious honor of being inducted into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame for December, 2007.

Ho ho ho!

'The Twilight Zone' - "The Night Of The Meek"
'The Ed Sullivan Show' - "The Great Santa Claus Switch"
"The Night They Saved Christmas"

Merry Christmas to all and to all, a BCnU!
Toby OB

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