Friday, December 7, 2007


Betty White appeared as herself in this week's episode of 'Ugly Betty' - but don't look for any connection between the show's title and the guest star!

Ms. White's got quite a resume of appearances as part of the League of Themselves in Earth Prime-Time. Not only in the main Toobworld, but in the Tooniverse (with two appearances in 'The Simpsons' and one for 'Family Guy') and in Earth Prime-Time/MOTW as well.

Never heard of that one? Earth Prime-Time/MOTW is the world of the TV movies of the week in which there is a line of succession in the United States Presidency that is far different from the one shared by the real world and most of the TV dimensions.

Betty White appeared as herself in a great two-part TV movie back in the early 1970s, "Vanished" which was based on the book by Fletcher Knebel. Richard Widmark appeared as President Roudebusch whose administration was plagued by the mysterious disappearance of one of his top aides. (I'm hoping someday somebody will finally release this on DVD - jam-packed with great character actors!)

Here's the rundown of her League of Themselves appearances in Toobworld:


"Ugly Betty"
- Bananas for Betty (2007) TV episode .... Herself

"I'm with Her"
- Meet the Parent (2003) TV episode .... Herself

"The John Larroquette Show"
- Here We Go Again (1996) TV episode .... Herself

"The Naked Truth"
- Star and Comet Collide! Giant Bugs Invade! (1995) TV episode .... Herself
- Elvis Is Coming! (1995) TV episode .... Herself

- The Network (1987) TV episode .... Herself

"Madame's Place"
- Episode #1.19 (1982) TV episode .... Herself

"The Odd Couple"
- Password (1972) TV episode .... Herself

"O'Hara, U.S. Treasury"
- Operation: Lady Luck (1972) TV episode .... Herself

"Vanished" (1971) (TV) .... Herself

"The Simpsons"
- Homerazzi (2007) TV episode (voice) .... Herself
- Missionary: Impossible (2000) TV episode (voice) .... Herself

"Family Guy"
- Peterotica (2006) TV episode (voice) .... Herself

That's quite a list! TV characters with far less credits are already inducted into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame, so there's something wrong with the fact that she's not in there yet herself.

Therefore, I'm letting the faithful know that in the Class of 2008, Betty White will finally enter that not-so-hallowed hall.

Toby OB

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