Friday, December 7, 2007


My friend and little buddy, Sean Shoe Hand, fellow Iddiot and father to my god-daughter, wrote to me from Taiwan with this observation of the finale to Volume Two of 'Heroes':

Watching the season finale, "Powerless", I noticed two small maybe clues to a larger Heroes story. Micah already, albeit jokingly, referred to his cousin Monica Dawson, as "just like Saint Joan" the hero on the cover of issue 10 of 9th Wonders...

Well, I wouldn't be surprised if she turns out to be, but what I find interesting is that in Issac Mendez's drawing she's holding a knife that bears a striking resemblance to the one on display in the vault, among the Company's treasures.

Looks like a lot of folks noticed that as well, based on my googling of 'St. Joan', 'Heroes', and 'knife'.....

Well, I didn't notice it at all. In fact, I never saw the playing cards or the black pyramid or the key in that vault. All I saw was the brain. And all I could think was "Braiiiiinnnnnssssss".

Made me hungry......

Thanks for pointing it out, Sean! I can't catch everything.

Toby OB

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