Monday, December 3, 2007


I got a note from Joe B., a telebloggin' buddy at I Am A TV Junkie with an important message. So I figured I'd spread the word about what to expect on Tuesday:

"It's Tyra Banks' birthday, and at, we are celebrating with an entire day of Tyra-themed posts.

And why are we doing that? Because in the spirit of Tyra's two current TV properties, it's all about her."

So check out the "I Am A TV Junkie" blog tomorrow, Tuesday. As Joe says:

"It should be interesting. It may not be what Tyra expects (or wants for that matter) but it will be fun (for us)."

1 comment:

Joe B. said...

Thanks, Toby. Seriously, all the rest of you, I have been scouring the web all weekend for only the best Tyra pics, clips and items.

Of course, "best" in this case is a relative term.

And Tyra's no relative of mine.

That's a joke, btw.

Hope to see you tomorrow.