Sunday, December 2, 2007


Keeping the Post Office busy with trips to our headquarters, what with all the DVDs I've been ordering lately.

Here's the latest batch:

'The Adventures Of Superman' - the complete first season
(I always enjoyed the show, but once I saw the origin episode I was determined to get at least this first season.)

'The Dresden Files' - the complete series
(The packaging says "The Complete First Season", but we know better)

'The Wild Wild West' - the complete third season
(Couldn't understand how Ivan of TDOY got his before I did, but the mailman told me today that it was mis-delivered. Luckily for me the other recipient was honest!)

Also, two plays by Bella and Samuel Spewack - "Spring Song" and "Boy Meets Girl". I know there was a TV reason why, but I can't remember why now. Perhaps because "Boy Meets Girl" was produced on 'Studio One' or some such show and the description intrigued me.....


Toby OB

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Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Couldn't understand how Ivan of TDOY got his before I did

Clean livin', son. I owe it all to clean livin'.