Monday, December 3, 2007


While looking into the actors of the upcoming mini-series "Flood" to be seen on ION December 16th, I discovered that one of its actors - Pip Torrens (great name!) - played two different characters with the same last name......

"The Bill" (1999-2007)
- 273 (2004) TV Episode .... DI Rocastle

"Doctor Who" (2 episodes, 2007)
- The Family of Blood (2007) TV Episode .... Rocastle
- Human Nature (2007) TV Episode .... Rocastle

I've often stated in the past that the new production of 'Doctor Who' is located in a different TV dimension than its predecessor. However, the stories it's been telling have been happening in the main Toobworld anyway - but with slight adjustments.

And my usual examples are the deaths of Tony Blair, Harriet Jones as the Prime Minister, and the black US President in "Sound of Drums". (Since the black US President in the Cybermen two-parter from the previous season was already in an alternate TV dimension, there's no need to point out it wasn't Earth Prime-Time.)

So here in the main Toobworld, the Doctor and Martha Jones did indeed hide themselves from "The Family of Blood" in 1913. And that's where they met the tragic character of Rocastle.
We didn't really learn much about the man, but it's likely he had a family, a son to carry on the family name. And from that family bloodline in "Family of Blood", it's probable that DI Rocastle was a member of that family - especially considering the fact that both men genetically look so much alike.

Toby OB

By the way:
I've seen "Flood", and I will have a Toobworld-centric story about it soon......

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