Saturday, October 27, 2007


With the 'Jericho' episode "The Hollow Men" (NOT the 'Jericho' series about a nuke-isolated town in Kansas!), London police detective Michael Jericho gave proof to my premise that some TV shows mentioned in the TV Universe are based on characters we know from our TV shows, but who exist in the TV Universe. These are not the same shows that we watch here in the Trueniverse.

Confusing, I know. Here's a good example: when Kramer was seen in an episode of 'Murphy Brown' during an episode of 'Seinfeld', we were watching the Toobworld version of 'Murphy Brown' which is not the same show as the one we watch. The Toobworld version of 'Murphy Brown' is based on the life of the "real" Murphy Brown who is just a fictional character to us.

I don't think that helped make it less confusing......

At any rate, Michael Jericho was prodded by his superiors to audition for a new TV show which would dramatize cases from the files of Scotland Yard. Jericho would have been the host, appearing as himself.

But he proved to be too stiff and unnatural on camera, so an actor, previously seen on TV as Robin Hood, hosted the show as Michael Jericho. So there was a TV character named Jericho who was based on the "real" Jericho who was just a TV character to us, portrayed by Robert Lindsay.
I'm just making it worse, aren't I?

Toby OB

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