Monday, October 22, 2007


Just a few days ago, I made a theoretical claim that the cabbies played by Iqbal Theba in 'The George Carlin Show' (Inzamamulhaq Siddiqui) and in 'Caroline In The City' (Koothrappally) were one and the same despite the name difference. I just threw out a guess that maybe the name "Koothrappally" was just a nickname.
But where did he get that nickname? Here's my theory - Siddiqui was a foster child raised by the Koothrappali family, and he used a different spelling of that name in tribute to their kindness for taking him in.

Based on that blog post, we "know" that Siddiqui has a cousin who's a doctor in New York City with the last name of Sundram. I'm thinking that not only did the two of them emigrate to America, but so did the Koothrapali siblings who grew up with the two identical cousins. And now the next generation of Clan Koothrapali has made his debut in Toobworld.

Rajesh Koothrapali is one of the "brain trust" of four socially inept geniuses at the center of the new CBS sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory'. I have yet to see this show - no fault of the show, just that I'm divvering 'Heroes' and 'Aliens In America' at the same time it airs. But I may have to explore some epguides to find out if his family background has been revealed.

Even if it has been, that won't create a problem for a connection to "Koothrapally Siddiqui". I've made the family tie loose enough so that it wouldn't be out of place for it to never come up on the show.

I'm willing to hear any suggestions as to another splainin that might make the connection more believable and/or stronger.

Toby OB


Anonymous said...

perhaps you don,t know that KOOTHRAPPALLY is a village in KERALA state of the country INDIA

Anonymous said...

LoL =oP

Rajesh said...

Hi frnds,
Koothrappally is village in kerala(india) and more than that it is our family name , koothrappallil family, i am wondering how this name came in europe!!
My name is Rajesh George Koothrappallil.
Koothrappallil family is a very big family and proud christians our fore-fathers got faith from St.thomas in Ad 1.
Right now our family has a lot of branches and all memebers widespread in world