Monday, October 22, 2007


While watching "Turn Back The Clock", an early episode of 'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea', I got the idea that guest star Yvonne Craig looked something similar to Wendy Padbury, whose most famous role is that of Zoe Heriot from 'Doctor Who'. (She was a companion to the Second Incarnation of the Doctor.)

Tele-genetics, as I've often stated here, are incredibly strong in Toobworld. Even though exact DNA duplicates do occur down the generations, near-as similarities are probably more common.

So I'm going to posit the theory that Zoe Heriot can trace her lineage back to Yvonne Craig's most famous character, Barbara Gordon, who had the secret identity of "Batgirl" in Gotham City back in the 1960s. That spirit of adventure shared by both women could be handed down through the genes, since Toobworld incorporates the "Wold-Newton" concept first suggested by author Philip Jose Farmer. (Check out Win Eckert's excellent Wold Newton site, whose link can be found to the left.)

As for karmic transference, I don't think Zoe is Batgirl reborn. However, she could be the reincarnation of the character Yvonne Craig played in that 'Voyage' episode. Carole Denning was an accomplished oceanic photographer, perhaps the best in her field when it came to working underwater. It was a claim she wanted Admiral Nelson to acknowledge, perhaps in the hope that he might relent and let her sign on for duty aboard the Seaview.

(Personally, I think that would have been a great idea, and certainly one that could have brought in a new audience of viewers. That testosterone-soaked tub could have used a bit of estrogen - after all, who wants to look at Henry Kulky all the time?)

Both Carole and Zoe shared a common science background; one was used to working in diving bells and submarines, and the other in a "Wheel In Space" and eventually the TARDIS.

None of this can be established as fact, of course, which makes it all the more tempting to accept it here at Toobworld Central!

And you know what, looking at that picture of Ms. Padbury? I'm thinking there just might be a Sally Field character in her family tree as well!

(Of course, when it comes to Sister Bertrille, we shouldn't claim a direct line of descent. If I did that, Sister Theresa Gertrude would come back from the dead to haunt me!)

'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea'
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