Saturday, October 27, 2007


Overnight Thursday, my friends Mark, Michael, Kelly, and I went to Blood Manor, a haunted house (haunted condo?) in Manhattan. Afterwards, we trooped back to Apartment Gallifrey, M+M's (but not M&M's) headquarters in the East Village to watch "Little Shop of Horrors". Of course, being Apartment Gallifrey, M+M decided to follow up with the Tom Baker 'Doctor Who' story "The Stones Of Blood".

The Standing Stones of the title are known as the Ogri, and they serve as a link to 'Star Trek'. In the original 'Trek' series, there was a race of stone creatures called the Excalbians, who were introduced in the episode "The Savage Curtain". And it's the contention of Toobworld that the Ogri are the vampiric form of the Excalbians.

They were called the Ogri because their race had been banished to the planet of Ogros, forbidden to ever return to Excalbia (at least in my imagination). I'm not sure if the vampire stones were originally Excalbian in "physiology" and then turned vampiric, or if they were an evolutionary off-shoot like the Excalbians from their common ancestors - the Horta of 'Star Trek' - "The Devil In The Dark". (All of them are silicone-based organisms.)
None of this was established in either 'Doctor Who' or 'Star Trek', nor is it likely to be; just the type of plot point that's perfect for this kind of theory.

If you've got the stones to propose it, that is.....

Toby OB

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Sean said...

Good post, but I would suggest that the two share a common genetic ancestor, but one race somehow fell into a rift between Tele-verses. It's just impossible for Star Trek and Doctor Who to share the same Televerse.

Maybe Babylon 5, SeaQuest, and Who, but I've always felt that Star Trek stands alone, due to the well founded history of the past and it's "canon" of alien races and technology. The Earth History of Doctor Who, even with the re-boot of "Genesis of the Daleks", couldn't exist alongside Star Trek.

Now, the Doctor may have accidentally entered the Star Trek Televerse (even the X-Men met the crew of the Enterprise) a number of times, but I still say they're separate.