Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"ODYSSEY 5" + "STUDIO 60" = ?

I've now seen the second episode of 'Odyssey 5' being rebroadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel. Actually, it's the second half of the two hour pilot movie, which originally ran on Showtime back in 2001.

At any rate, I'm planning to watch all 20 episodes of the series. I want to see how this story about the five years leading up to the destruction of the Earth (Earth Prime-Time, that is) on August 7th, 2007 and how the crew of the Odyssey shuttle hoped to prevent it. Obviously it will have significant impact on Toobworld if it's resolved or not. (Please don't tell me how it ends if you've seen it. For once I'm trying to remain spoiler-free.)

But for now I'm thinking that I've been given an escape clause with the pilot movie.

Sarah Forbes works as a TV reporter for KNBS in Houston. (She also mentions to a doctor that she works for CNT. Cable News Television?) Here in the Trueniverse, we have flagship TV stations that bear the same call letters as the parent network - WCBS, WNBC, KABC, etc. So it's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that KNBS is an O+O station that was birthplace for the NBS network seen in 'Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip'.

And 'Studio 60' takes place in an alternate TV dimension. It had to be sent there due to all of the Zonks that couldn't be splained away (like Masi Oka hosting the show and references being made to 'Heroes').

As I mentioned, Sarah said she worked for CNT; that may be. CNT may be the news network arm of NBS n much the same way that MSNBC and CNBC serve a similar function for NBC. (Although why they would call it "CNT", opening itself up to ridicule with a name like that is beyond me.)

I get the feeling that there is no resolution nor even a sense that they may have a plan to change the future by the time the series ended after one season. So if that Toobworld did get destroyed on August 7th, 2007, that fits in well with the timeline for 'Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip'. Our window into the world of the late-night variety show ended long before. Well, several months earlier at any rate.

Should it be possible to reconcile 'Odyssey 5' withe main Toobworld, we can accept there being an NBS and KNBS on Earth Prime-Time. In fact, we know there is one; we've seen it on 'Brothers & Sisters'. (Kitty Walker used to work there.)

But with how disappointed I was in the direction taken by 'Studio 60', I kind of like knowing that its alternate universe blowed up real good.

Toby OB

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