Wednesday, October 24, 2007


On October 11th, Mary Tyler Moore appeared at the Paley Center for Media here in NYC. As a museum member, I passed on a chance to attend, and again turned down the chance to take the place of 'Jennie from Britain', one of my "Iddiette" friends, who would be attending with another "Iddiette", 'Terriather'.

The thing is, there are certain people I've come to believe will cause me to die should I ever get the chance to meet them or even just see them in public; as if my Life was now complete and Clotho, Lachesis, and that other bitch sister of theirs would snip my thread at that point.

Mary Tyler Moore is one. Patrick McGoohan is another. That's why I didn't go see "Who's Life Is It, Anyway?" when she was starring in it on Broadway, and why I didn't go see him in "Best Friends" on Broadway.

When I first moved to the City, I worked as a cashier in a fancy restaurant in the Waldorf-Astoria. She visited once and I wouldn't even look out the side door to catch a glimpse.

It's also why I have yet to watch the director's cut of "The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King", even though I've owned it since the day it came out.


Terri was nice enough to send back a report from that Q&A seminar with Mayr:

Sorry I'm so late in replying.

The weather was dreadful and it was sold out, but there were several empty seats. Mary appeared wearing an orange knit pant suit; she was gorgeous and gracious. The event was hooked up via sattelite TV to several colleges [from which] the students called in questions to her.

They started the hour showing earlier clips of Mary's career when she played ingenue roles and the switchboard operator who only showed her legs in a TV series with David Janssen. (Toby's note: That would be her character of Sam on "Richard Diamond".)

They showed the last episode of MTM show with the group hug and I got teary eyed.
Her mike went out at some point and they gave her a hand-held. The interviewer requested a new mike and Mary said she was okay with the hand-held, but they did fix her mike during a video scene.

During the interview a tall man in a trench coat came in and sat in our row. He asked Mary who her favorite dance partner was and she replied Gene Kelly. [They] did an Irish jig together and he was her favorite. Later in the interview she asked her husband Robert to help her answer something and the tall gent sitting in our row was the husband.

She brought up her work with the animals and juvenile diabetics.

She has a new movie coming up where she played the mother role.

She watches "My Name is Earl" and "Bionic Woman".

She complained about TV not being wholesome.

She said she didn't want to end MTM but the writers said it was time.

She said her group always got along and they didn't have the disputes that occur on the sets today.

She was asked if she had any input in the scripts, etc., but she deferred to Grant Tinker and she said she was very happy being an actress and had no other aspirations.

She pretty much came across as she did on TV, very sweet.

Smiles :),


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