Thursday, October 25, 2007


Have you ever taken one of those online quizzes that determines what character you are from a certain TV show or movie or novel? I know there's a quiz out there that can tell you what Jane Austen novel you are!

Well, I stumbled across one that can figure out which of the incarnations of the Gallifreyan Time Lord known as The Doctor from 'Doctor Who' you are. And the questions were phrased in such a way so that I could maneuver the answer to be what I wanted:

I'm one of those people who can get lost for hours online by clicking from one link to another, until I've totally forgotten what I was searching for in the first place.

I was assuming as I wrote this up that you'd be able to click on the pic and be taken to the website so that you can find out which of The Doctors you are. But Blogger didn't allow it. I suppose it was a problem I could have fixed, had I known how. But as I'm more of a compudorq than a compugeek, you'd be better off finding that site by clicking

Toby OB

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