Saturday, October 27, 2007


With the previous post, I demonstrated a theoretical link between 'Doctor Who' and 'Star Trek' via "The Stones of Blood" episode. (There's at least one more connection between those shows and it's a biggie, but that's not the topic today.)

But "The Stones Of Blood" also can forge a link with 'Columbo' thanks to a "Theory of Relateeveety" which I'm proposing.

Professor Amelia Rumford may have had an older brother. It never comes up in her conversations with the Doctor (which were usually drone-fests about the history of the Standing Stones). If so, it could be that during World War One, her older brother was wounded and fell in love with an American nurse. He would have then emigrated to America to be with her.

Once married, they could have had a son, one that they named Lyle. He might have followed his father into the military, making it his career. Later in life, Colonel Lyle C. Rumford became the administrative commander of the Haynes Military Academy in Los Angeles, running it for a senior officer named Haynes whom Rumford served and admired.

(What happened during his tenure can be found in the 'Columbo' episode "By Dawn's Early Light".)

Because their relationship to each other was never germane to the circumstances which involved them, neither Amelia nor Lyle mentioned it. In fact, because their lives had taken such divergent paths, the two branches of the Rumford family were probably estranged.

Toby OB

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