Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Toobworld is once again seeping into the Trueniverse.

In last week's episode of 'The Office', Pam and Jim found out that Dwight was running an agro-themed bed & breakfast at the Schrute farm in Honesdale. They had to bully him with veiled threats in order to get him to allow them the chance to spend the weekend there. (I really like the sense of fun and adventure these two share!)

Afterwards, even though it all seemed to go wrong, what with the creepy/crazy antics of cousin Mose, Jim and Pam were able to lift Dwight's spirits (He was also depressed about his breakup with Angela.) by pointing out that they left very positive reviews about the "Beets Motel" on tripadvisor.com.

This is a real website where you can check out what others have to say about a place you're interested in visiting. And now, there's
an actual entry about Schrute Farms, even though it doesn't really exist here in the Real World!

If this keeps up, will 'TGS With Tracy Jordan' become a real TV show at NBC?

Toby OB

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