Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Good news, Everyone!

Last night's 'Boston Legal' was pre-empted for ABC coverage of the California wildfires.

Now, I might have mentioned here that I decided to part company with 'Boston Legal' after this season's premiere. And I don't mean to imply I'd rather watch people's properties and the surrounding realms of Nature burn.

But it wasn't until after it would have aired that I found out from Mark Evanier's blog (link to the left) that Chuck McCann was supposed to be on in the first half of a two-parter as a judge. (It's probably the same judge he played back in the season finale in May, presiding over the case about a priest who gave an illegal alien sanctuary in his church.)

I loves me some Chuck McCann!

So my serendipiteevee and the Powers That Be came through for me so that I won't miss both parts after all!

Um... and I am sorry about the wildfires.

Toby OB

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