Tuesday, January 1, 2013


The many Facebook pages about 'Doctor Who' have been a gold mine for me when it comes to mash-ups and photoshopped pictures of the Doctor, in situations that have never been - nor probably ever will be - found in the TV series.

Here's a good example - a series, and probably not connected, of pictures suggesting that 'Doctor Who' co-exists with "Back To The Future".

Although the original movie trilogy does exist in the Cineverse, the Toobworld Dynamic has its own televersion of Doc Brown, from the live action intros to the Tooniverse adaptation of the characters from those movies.  So it is possible that Doc and the Doctor could have interacted in a shared adventure.

Based on just these pictures, it would have been an adventure in which Doc encountered two incarnations of the Doctor - Tennant's Tenth and Smith's Eleventh, a perfect tale to be told during the fiftieth anniversary.

Here's how I think it could play out - because of the chance encounter between the TARDIS and the Time DeLorean at some point at the beginning of the new millennium, a later anomaly in the time-stream was created.  And it took the next incarnation of the Doctor to make things right, with the help of Doc Brown.

Here's an idea for a further complication: at some point during the story, the two time travellers had to take command of each other's time vehicle.  I'm sure the Doctor would have had no problem mastering the DeLorean, but Doc Brown would have had to wing it at the controls.  This is why I think this adventure would have needed River Song along for the ride so that she could help Doc out as his companion.  

(More Wish-Craft: the Doctor would be teamed up with the now adult Marty McFly.  And because of the Parkinson's tremors that Michael J. Fox has, they might delve into a temporal cause for his affliction.  This could be why the Doctor had to get involved with Doc Brown again.)

It's just an idea.  If there's a fanficcer out there who wants to run with that idea, feel free.  Just make sure to send me a link to your final effort(s).....


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