Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I'll leave it up to you, Team Toobworld - Should the following story be considered canon?  Or at the very least, as part of the Toobworld Dynamic?

Sorry to leave you hanging like that.  The folks of BabelColour promise to have the fourth part completed in the future......

My opinion is no, it can't be a part of Earth Prime-Time, as all of those scenes already played out in other episodes.

But nothing stops it from being a part of some other TV dimension......


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Hugh said...

I've always liked the treatment done here, particularly the creation of "colour footage" of Hartnell's Doctor through clips of _The Mouse that Roared_. Honestly, before they ever released the stray episodes from Hartnell & Troughton on things like "The Early Years" compilations, I thought they should have taken that footage and edited it, along with newly shot scenes with the younger actors, into a multi-Doctor adventure. I envisioned some time-spanning and time-hopping epic, with different incarnations of the Master collaborating, and the Black Guardian wreaking havoc.