Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Along the same lines as the pictures of the Doctor in his younger life, here are some pictures of Daphne Ashbrook, which could be of Dr. Grace Holloway in the many years she spent traveling through Time and Space with the Eighth Incarnation of the Doctor:

It's my belief that no matter how old she got, the Doctor remained true to Grace and kept her by his side until the end of her days. (I won't speculate on how that happened, but if he was free to marry River Song, then we have to assume she eventually passed away.)  

I'd like to think that Grace was the mother of the Doctor's child, the one who would be the parent of the Doctor's grand-daughter, Susan Foreman.  In order to protect his family, the Eighth Incarnation of the Doctor may have had to abandon them on some backwater planet to live safely in seclusion while he went off to fight for Gallifrey in the Time War.

Most of these pics are from Daphne Ashbrook's appearances at various 'Doctor Who' conventions. But I will cop to having broken my rule and used a few shots of Ms. Ashbrook from her role on 'The O.C.' - there just wasn't that much by way of film appearances to choose from......


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