Tuesday, January 1, 2013


  • He was born in the world of comic books!
  • He exists in the TV dimensions of Skitlandia and the Tooniverse!
  • He is thriving in the Cineverse!
But so far, he's not been seen in Earth Prime-Time.....

To my way of thinking, Iron Man is one of those super-heroes who would work well on TV; the technology is there to do his basic special effects.  And since the movies have proven popular, perhaps it's time to get him his own live-action show.  

O'Bviously Robert Downey, Jr. has too much box office clout still to take on the role himself.  At least on a long-term basis.  But it looks like Joss Whedon is putting together a TV series pilot for a show centered on S.H.I.E.L.D.  So perhaps Downey might be persuaded just to make a glorified cameo in the project.  He certainly seems to be enjoying himself in the role of Iron Man/Tony Stark, so I don't see him refusing the request.

But until such time as we get a live-action Iron Man suitable for the main Toobworld, the following picture would have to be stowed away for any future fanfic use.  But once that happens, it would be a great story with the Eighth Incarnation of the Doctor.  And I could see them teaming up to battle the Cybermen.  The interesting thing about that is that the Cybermen orginated on Mondas, where the kingdom of Westeros was located.  (Just my theory, though.)  And in that land, the name of "Stark" belonged to one of the more influential houses in the seven kingdoms.....


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Hugh said...

In the days of the old "Marvel UK" imprint of comics (1980s), the Doctor appeared in the _Death's Head_ comic (the original version of the robot bounty hunter, who actually originated in the DWM strip, and then appeared in the _Transformers_ comic). A couple of issues later, Death's Head met up with a futuristic Iron Man. He also met up with the Fantastic Four.