Monday, December 31, 2012


As is customary in a lot of entertainment sites (at least, I hope you find Inner Toob entertaining!), the end of the year leads us to look back at those whom we lost. I try to keep up to date with all of the departed who were involved in the expansion of the Toobworld Dynamic throughout the world, but I always somebody who deserved a tip of the hat from ye olde Caretaker. I'm sure this year will be no different.

But the blame can't be laid on those whose sites I depend on for this information. (Believe me, I've tried.) Besides major obituary sources like the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Guardian, I've come to depend on "A Shroud Of Thoughts", "Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine", "Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear", and especially "Boot Hill". Thanks to everyone concerned at those blogs and web sites.

Sadly there were far too many we lost in many fields, so I've divided up the list for several posts.......

  • Jim Huber ('This Sporting Life' on CNN)
  • Richard Threlkeld, (CBS News)
  • Dr. Mel Goldstein (WTNH Channel 8 meteorologist in New Haven, Ct.)
  • Jay McMullen (CBS investigative reporter)
  • Gil Noble (ABC journalist on black issues)
  • Mike Wallace (CBS, ''60 Minutes')
  • Andrew Walker (BBC World Services)
  • Eleanor Jeffery (ITN and Sky news)
  • Barbara Brown (BBC news)
  • Bob Banfield (KABC reporter)
  • Sir Alastair Burnet (ITV newsreader)
  • Sid Waddell (BBC and ITV commentator - the Voice of Darts)
  • Derek Jameson (Do They Mean Us?)
  • Mike Baker (BBC commentator)
  • Chris Economaki (motor sports commentator, CBS, ABC, ESPN)
  • Beano Cook (ESPN college football commentator)
  • Arnold Dean ("The Dean Of Sports" at WTIC-TV, basically created the sports call-in radio talk show)
  • Kenneth Kendall (First BBC newsreader to appear on screen)
Good night and may God bless......

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