Monday, November 15, 2010


Here are two shows that were already connected, but maybe Maudie Prickett can help strengthen the link.....

The Donna Reed Show
Love Thy Neighbor (1959) … Miss Loretta Sanders

Miss Sanders was the secretary to the Stones' neighbor, Mr. Wilgus. Mrs. Wilgus suspected the two of them were having an affair, while Miss Sanders thought her boss was carrying on with Donna Stone.

[As seen in 'The Donna Reed Show']

Dennis the Menace
Dennis Haunts a House (1960) … Madame Tina

Madame Tina was a fortune teller who convinced George Wilson that he would soon be contacted by a dead relative. So when Dennis and his friends started using Mr. Wilson's basement as a clubhouse, he thought the noises made by those meddling kids were coming from beyond the grave.....

Maudie Prickett played both these roles and I'm wondering if it's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that both of these women were one and the same.

Both shows took place in the town of Hilldale, and Dennis Mitchell appeared in a 1960 episode of 'The Donna Reed Show'.

So what if Loretta Sanders took on the role of Madame Tina, the fortune teller? Maybe she was also the twin sister of Maxwell Smart's Aunt Bertha, whom we think had her own grifter identity in an episode of 'The Doris Day Show'. Maybe it ran in the family.....


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