Thursday, November 18, 2010


This season on 'Chuck', the new Buy More store has been serving as a front for the CIA (if not for all of the intelligence agencies) with spies as employees... along with the usual Buy Morons.

Among these agent/employees is the umbrella code-name of Greta, which has been used by several agents so far. As a code name, "Greta" is gender-blind - Isaiah Mustafa of the Old Spice blipverts was Greta for one episode. The latest Greta was played by Summer Glau and her spy caught the unhealthy interests of Jeff & Lester, who couldn't understand how she could disappear into thin air. As their obsession with her could have compromised covert missions operating out of the Buy More, "Greta" threatened to call upon her assassin skills to eliminate Jeffster entirely. Casey put an end to her services there, by giving her the cover story of being a thief who was stealing stock from the company.

As with the other Greta agents (three before this one, at least), we never learn what her true identity is. And it's likely we'll never see Summer Glau in the role again.

So until such time - if any! - when this theory would be rebuked by what occurs on-screen, why can't we assume that she was Cameron, the Terminator which was sent back in Time to protect John Connor (as seen in 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles')? 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' is dead; the show is canceled and it's unlikely to ever come back, even in reunion movie/mini-series form. (It may live on in tie-in novels and comic books, perhaps.) So after John Connor was blasted into the Future (a pozz'ble alternate timeline for Toobworld), that was the last we saw of Cameron in Toobworld's "present". (Had the show come back for another season, we may have been treated to two variations on Glau's character.)

What happened to Cameron in the present day of Toobworld? Did she continue protecting Sarah Connor? Technically she was no longer a threat to the Terminators in the Future without John by her side.

What if the Black Ops of Homeland Security finally captured her? What if they reprogrammed her to work for the U.S. government as a spy?

What if Cameron was Agent Greta in "Chuck vs. The Fear Of Death"?

They would have had to wipe her memory clean of her original mission; they may have had to install an emotion chip, a crude one developed ages before Dr. Noonian Soong came up with his more sophisticated version for Data on 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'.

Just sayin', is all. It's an idea I'm throwing out there for the fanficcers to play with.......


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