Monday, November 15, 2010


Of the many other roles played by Maudie Prickett on TV whom I didn't have the chance to get to, not all of them were located in California.

To the best of my knowledge, here are most of those women. If possible, I've also included where the shows were located..... Get Smart (Washington, DC)

– Moonlighting Becomes You (1970) … Naomi Hickenlooper

Petticoat Junction (Hooterville)

– Hooterville a Go Go (1965) … Tillie Finney


– Trottin' Horse (1960)
– Aunt Harriet (1958) … Aunt Harriet

The Untouchables (Chicago)

- Underground Railway (1959) … Telephone Supervisor (uncredited)

Leave It to Beaver (Mayfield)

– Beaver and Poncho (1958) … Mrs. Bennett

Father Knows Best (Springfield)

– Bud's Encounter with the Law (1954) … Secretary (uncredited)

My Little Margie (NYC)
– Parrot Gold (1954)

– Farnum's Folly … Essie Twill

Adventures of Superman (Metropolis)

– The Haunted Lighthouse (1952)

But just because the shows take place in a certain location, that doesn't mean her particular episodes did as well. 'The Adventures Of Superman' episode is suspect.

She also made several appearances in the sketch comedy TV dimension as well.....

Red Skelton Hour

– Cauliflower Loses His Birds (1962) … Mrs. Gould
– Freddie the Singer (1959) … Woman from PTA
– Rapid Growth (1959) … Housewife


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