Sunday, November 14, 2010


BBC-America held a 'Doctor Who' marathon on Saturday to help boost the publicity for the release of "Season Five". (Purists would disagree with that designation, but it's Season Five for the series since the 2005 reboot.) And during the run of episodes, which (from what I could see) was heavily edited, they were also going to be showing some scenes that never made the final version of several episodes.

These scenes served as bridges between episodes. They didn't really contribute much to the action for those storylines, but they are fun little vignettes of "life" for the Doctor in the TV Universe when he's not accessible to the TV audience in the Trueniverse.

This first scene bridges the season premiere "The Eleventh Hour" and "The Beast Below":

The second scene bridges the gap between "Flesh And Stone" and "The Vampires Of Venice":

It's a set I want to buy, but I'll wait for one of those Amazon Gold Box Deals of the Day......


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