Monday, November 15, 2010


Many of Maudie Prickett's TV characters went unnamed, listed only by their occupation. For example, she played an unnamed nurse in an episode of 'Lassie'. The role is simply listed as "Reception Nurse". She played about five "Reception Nurses" in theatrically released movies. Since it would require more research and I'm inherently lazy, we'll just leave those women to the "Cineverse" instead of absorbing their movies into the Toobworld universe.

But Maudie also played nurses in episodes of 'Mike Hammer', 'The Millionaire' and 'Love, American Style'. In that last series, her character was named Nurse Alcott. In 'The Millionaire', she was Nurse Sandy. Therefore - Sandy Alcott.

But in 'Mike Hammer', she was Nurse Flinder, living in New York City. Easy peazie splainin: Sandy Flinder married a man named Alcott. She moved west to California either before or after she met this Alcott fellow. (I'm not sure where the episodes for 'The Millionaire' and 'Love, American Style' took place, but I get the feeling they could have taken place anywhere so long as her character begins in New York City and ends up on the left coast.)

And for a time she worked as the reception-nurse near the Martins' farm, as seen in 'Lassie' (which may have taken place in California, but it could always have been a part time position as Mr. and Mrs. Alcott made their way west......)


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