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The big climax to the 'Bored To Death' second season finale took place at the Brooklyn Comic-Con. There were quite a few people - nerds, geeks, my kind of folk - who were there in costume as comic book superheroes. And some of those comic book characters aren't just to be found in the four-color pages, but they actually exist as "real people" in Toobworld.
"Gojiratoho" worked as an extra for those scenes and reported back about what he saw. And he spotted a lot more comic book characters there than made the final cut. (I only spotted seven!)

Here's his list of the costumes on the set:


Fallout suit of armor (this poor guy ended up getting heat stroke from the costume/lights/hot ass set)

Julie Newmar catwoman (I wish I saw that one!)

60’s Batgirl


Harley Quinn and Black Cat (twins sisters, kinda hot)

Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill in motorcycle outfit

Green Power Ranger

2 Green Lanterns

Captain Planet

V from V for Vendetta

Avatar the last airbender

The Spirit (comic, not movie)






The Prince from Katamari


A T’wilek (sp?)

And a Wonder Woman (though she was an actress)

I think he missed one, but he'll get his own post.....

I saw the black Green Lantern (John Stewart), who has a presence in the Tooniverse, but not in Earth Prime-Time... yet. I've long said that Green Lantern should be a TV character in the main Toobworld. (No need to send him off to the 'Smallville' dimension, is there?)

The Green Lantern known as Hal Jordan will be in the Cineverse next year. I may bring up the Wish-Craft topic about GL in Toobworld again at the 2011 Toobits Awards.
The main character from "V for Vendetta" was seen on the second floor of the convention, and he exists in the movie universe as well. Should he ever be seen on television, he'll have to be shuttled off to an alternate TV dimension because of the type of police-state dictatorship he was living in. Of course, considering how the movie (and probably the comic book) ended, he may have a similar situation as Richard Widmark's 'Madigan', as well as the characters in 'Lost' and 'Ashes To Ashes' (and the British 'Life On Mars' for that matter).

[Angry Bob was in attendance -
that's him checking the autograph on the left

In the background I spotted Felicia Hardy, aka the Black Cat, and wish she had a close-up. After Starfire ("So round, so firm, so fully-packed!" - Sing with me!), the Black Cat is at the top of my list for sexy comic book women. She's made many appearances in the Tooniverse, but has yet to appear in Toobworld. I hope that can be remedied!

So those are the other ones that I saw with no televersions. Now let's take a look at those I saw who do exist on Earth Prime-Time.....

The Joker made the Gotham City police blotter in the 1960's, but eventually the headlines faded away - probably because the Joker had died. The guy that was clad as the Clown Prince Of Crime may have been just as influenced by the news accounts as by the fictional representations of the Joker's career (movies as well as comic books). You can just see the back of his head there to the left.....

The Joker's apprentice does exist in a Toobworld, just not in Earth Prime-Time. She was seen in a Gotham City that seemed to be based more on the way it looked in the 1989 movie, so it could be from a dimension that's Toobworld/"Cineverse" blend. But Harleen Quintzel - her alias in that world - may have existed in Earth Prime-Time as well. And although 'Bored To Death' isn't the format to expect something like this to happen, maybe that was the real Harley Quinn at the comic book convention. At the very least I would think she'd be active in the main Toobworld, just not seen by us. And if that's the case, I don't think she'd be too happy that the televersion of a comic book company had been publishing stories about her, or that this chick decided mock her by wearing the same outfit.

But of course, we're not going to see that happen.....

Barry Allen gained his super speed powers in 1990, and for the next year he was quite active in Toobworld battling crime as the Flash. But at some point he may have either lost his powers or died, as he hasn't been seen for nearly 20 years. It could be that having lost his powers, Barry Allen decided to cash in on his fleeting fame (heh heh. "fleeting"... "Flash"....) by selling the rights to his story. And with that came the ancillary deals so that he made money from the tie-in merchandise, like the T-shirts worn by Sheldon Cooper.
As an action heroine in Toobworld, Wonder Woman has been around since the 1940's. And comic book about her has been around for almost as long. (We know this because Mary Richards read them when she was a girl.) I have a feeling that her comics were published without her permission, but if they helped the war effort..... Wonder Woman may still be active in Toobworld, at least as she appeared to be immortal in that span between WWII and the 1970's. So when sisters Faith and Hope remarked that their father's fiancee was a lot like Wonder Woman (when she took measures to get them off a plane that was already sealed shut), it could be that they were basing that comparison on Wonder Woman still being around in the new millennium.

Just one last note about all those other costumes seen at the convention. In Toobworld, characters from the comic book/comic strip universe can cross over to the TV Universe. We've seen this happen in the TV series 'Once A Hero', and in the A-Ha music video for "Take Me On".

So even though 'Bored To Death' is the wrong format in which to see it happen, one of those costumes could have been the real deal - a comic book character come to life!


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