Monday, November 15, 2010


Maudie Prickett played many roles in TV Westerns. Some of these frontier women could have been the same woman under different names; perhaps some of them were twin sisters or mother and daughter combinations.

Dirty Sally
– Wimmen's Rights (1974) … Mabel

– The River: Part 2 (1972) … Aunt Ida

– P.S. Murry Christmas (1971) … Mrs. Pretch
– By Line (1966) … Mrs. Preeker

– The Pure Truth (1964) … Middle-aged Woman in Bank
– The Tax Collector (1961) … Mrs. Ellery
[It's likely these two women are the same, but it hasn't been verified.]

Wagon Train
– The Duke Shannon Story (1961) … Ethel

– The Hoax (1959) … Laura Tate

The Texan
– Private Account (1959) … Maud Avery
[Hrmmm... Maud Avery... in a show called 'The Texan'.... Perhaps a fictional relation to Tex Avery?]

26 Men
– Brief Glory (1958)

Zane Grey Theater
– Legacy of a Legend (1958) … Miss Howland

The Adventures of Kit Carson
– Bad Men of Marysville (1953) … Peggy Aldrich

Hopalong Cassidy
– The Trap (1952) … Maudie

Those were all set in the nebulous time period for the Old West, which could stretch over decades from around the time of the Civil War all the way to the turn of the century.

But she played a character from even farther back as well, and more to the east......

Daniel Boone

– The Sisters O'Hannrahan (1964) … Flavia Tillridge
[I LOVE that name!]


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