Friday, November 19, 2010


One of my Facebook friends, a fellow Wold Newton enthusiast named Sean*, asked me this question:

Any Toobworld-related ideas about the remarkable resemblance between alleged rapist Amelia Chase and future A.D.A. Casey Novak? Or is it just an odd coinkydink?

Here's my response:
Daddy was a rolling stone? Identical cousins? I'm going with Casey's Mom being raped by Amelia's father and never letting Casey or her husband know about it. But little Amelia knew Daddy's secret, and she turned out just like him.....

(To be truthful, there were several typos in my answer. I've corrected them.)
I just tossed that one off quickly, but I'm liking the scenario. Amelia would be a few years older than Casey and must have seen something; probably saw her father hide evidence after he got back home.

Casey grew up, never knowing that she was a child of rape.
The Chase case happened before Novak came to work for the District Attorney's office. If any of her co-workers noticed her resemblance to Amelia Chase, they were polite enough not to mention it.

Just more TV action that happens off-screen.....

*Sean's knowledge on the subject is deep, based on what I read earlier this year on his blog. I could see him being a worthy successor to the Wold Newton professorship someday.....


Sean Levin said...

"I could see him being a worthy successor to the Wold Newton professorship someday....."

Wow! Thanks, Toby! As an ardent Wold Newton enthusiast, that means a lot to me. Anyway, as I said, your theory makes sense, so good show, sir.

Anonymous said...

They are played by the same actress... Duh...

Toby O'B said...

O'Bviously you've never visited the Inner Toob blog before, or else you would understand what this is all about.

We deal with what happens on TV as an alternate reality, a fantasy world. Your response is the mundane view of what happens outside the TV world, in the reality we actually live in.

And where's the fun in that?