Saturday, July 19, 2008


Act Three of 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog' is up. If you haven't checked out this brilliant melange of the Internet, TV, superhero comic books, and Broadway musicals, then let the games begin! You've only got until Sunday night to see it for free at

With the finale, my wish was granted and we got to meet other super-powered meta-humans in this corner of the Whedon-verse. No other heroes - one jackass like Captain Hammer was enough! - but plenty of villains including the members of the Evil League of Evil.
Unfortunately we never got to see Conflict Diamond, Bait 'n' Switch, or Hourglass. But there was the Purple Pimp and the Pink Pummeler, who were lower-level villains - not League membership quality, but definitely above the Henchmen's Union. (When I saw the Pink Pummeler in his bedroom festooned with stuffed animals, I thought maybe the "PP" on his chest stood for Pink Pugilist. To me, considering my understanding of the character, I think that name works better.)

Best of all, we gained access to the Inner Sanctum of the Evil League of Evil! Led by Bad Horse, the roster of members include:

Professor Normal
Dead Bowie
Fake Thomas Jefferson
Fury Leika

The kicker was Bad Horse himself. Although there was quite a bit of online speculation that Penny would turn out to be Bad Horse, the Thoroughbred of Sin was revealed to be an actual horse!

This makes the Toobmeister very happy.


[Still working on my laugh....]

Obviously, Bad Horse ties into 'Gulliver's Travels', which was produced for Television in a mini-series starring Ted Danson as Lemuel Gulliver. During his journeys, Gulliver ended up on the Isle of the Houyhnhm where the horses are intelligent and are able to communicate.

This also ties in to the classic sitcom 'Mr. Ed', as it's always been a Toobworld theory that Ed came from the Houyhnhm homeland himself. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Bad Horse was descended from Mr. Ed, perhaps his great-grandson!

Joss Whedon has plenty of plans percolating in his brain for the future of the character of Dr. Horrible. Apparently there's an online comic already (although I haven't yet gone looking for it), but a graphic novel and perhaps more webisodes could be coming our way as well.

In the meantime, you can purchase the entire musical via iTunes right now and a DVD will be forthcoming. I urge you to support this project by buying a copy - and PLEASE! - don't go downloading freebies from bit torrent sources. I know, I've seen plenty of stuff from bit torrent, but I've never felt any of those prgrams were in danger of losing out because of illegal downloads. But this is something special, an experiment that needs to be nurtured so that we can get more of Dr. Horrible in the future!

Toby OB


Anonymous said...

I wiwh we saw Johnny Snow, that poser in a parka. When I was a kid I always liked the Flash's Rogues Gallery and especially Captain Cool. (I think that was his name...)

Sven said...

That was Captain Cold but that's exactly how I envisioned Johnny Snow, only a bit better looking. He's a hero after all, and Captain Cold isn't exactly modeling material. You can't be a good poser if you don't at least look slightly good.

Toby said...

Of that bunch, I always liked Captain Boomerang; seems kind of a dopey costume and all now, but back then...?

I kept picturing a Christian Slater type as Johnny Snow as I wondered if he'd show. Somebody with that sense of cool that he used to exude. But not so laid back, someone a bit manic.

Anyhoo, maybe in some future sequel we'll get to see Johnny Snow!