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Lesley Sharp played Skye Silvestri in "Midnight", the latest episode of 'Doctor Who' to air in the United States.

I've already theorized that the episode takes place around the same time as 'Star Trek', in the 23rd Century - Mankind has reached out to the stars,and perhaps over-reached with their aspirations.

There have been other TV characters by the name of Silvestri, mostly from Italian TV shows, and it looks like all of them are set in the current era (from the 20th Century onwards).

There's always the possibility that Skye is descended from one of these other members of Clan Silvestri. And just because she had a British accent doesn't disqualify her from being related to these Italians, nor to the American branch of the Silvestri family tree.

If she is descended from one of the Silvestri women listed below, then more than likely Silvestri is their married name, and it would be one of their sons who is the father of Skye's family lineage. That's not to say a Silvestri daughter couldn't keep her own name and passed it on to her own offspring, but in general the TV Universe can be a pretty conservative place.

Here are the various members of the Silvestri tribe, brought together by the

Victor Bevine (Jay Silvestri)
. . . "Models Inc." (1994)
{Be My, Be My Baby (#1.2)}

Val Bisoglio (Ralph Silvestri)
. . . "All in the Family" (1971)
{Archie Sees a Mugging (#2.18)}

Runar Bystrøm (Luca Silvestri (139 episodes 1998-1999))
. . . "Venner og fiender" (1998)

Michele D'Anca (Gabriele Silvestri (2000))
. . . "Incantesimo 3" (2000)

Niklas Engdahl (Toni Silvestri (-1999))
. . . "Vänner och fiender" (1996)

Ciro Esposito (I) (Ciro Silvestri)
. . . "Don Matteo" (2000)
{Comma 23 (#4.7)}

Stuart Fratkin (Larry Silvestri)
. . . "Murder One" (1995)
{Chapter Ten, Year Two (#2.10)}

Richard Guedj (Silvestri)
. . . "Derniers témoins" (1978)
{L'affaire du 'train d'or' (#1.1)}

Vittorio Mezzogiorno (Dott. Silvestri)
. . . "Diagnosi" (1975)

Jacques Perrin (Professeur Silvestri)
. . . In fondo al cuore (1997)

Richard Sammel (Silvestri)
. . . "Commissario De Luca, Il" (2008)

Mattia Sbragia (Avv. Mattia Silvestri)
. . . "Prete tra noi, Un" (1997)

Óscar O. Sánchez (Franco Silvestri)
. . . "Donna Leon" (2000)
{Vendetta (#1.1)}

Scilla Gabel (Paola Silvestri)
. . . "Dov'è Anna" (1976)

Gianna Paola Scaffidi (Ada De Silvestri)
. . . "Boris" (2007)
{Qualità o morte (#1.4)}
{Una giornata particolare (#1.12)}

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