Tuesday, July 15, 2008


On July 4th, Evelyn Keyes passed away from cancer at the age of 91. She was one of the last surviving co-stars of "Gone With The Wind" and she counted John Huston and Artie Shaw among her husbands. According to her memoir, she was romantically involved with Anthony Quinn, David Niven, and Kirk Douglas.

In the links to the left, you'll find Ivan's "Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear" and Mercurie's "A Shroud Of Thoughts"; both of whom have excellent tributes to the actress. As I can't picture her in any of the movies among her credits, I'm not the right person to discuss her career.

However, here is a list of the characters she brought to life in the TV Universe:

"Murder, She Wrote"
- Dead to Rights (1993) TV episode .... Wanda Polaski
- Old Habits Die Hard (1987) TV episode .... Sister Emily
- Sticks and Stones (1985) TV episode .... Edna

"Amazing Stories"
- Boo! (1986) TV episode .... Ghost/Wife

"The Love Boat"
- Bricker's Boy/Lotions of Love/The Hustlers (1983) TV episode

"ITV Playhouse"
- A Matter of Diamonds (1968) TV episode .... Mrs. Panzack

- Wild Stallion (1955) TV episode .... Laura Harris

"Lux Video Theatre"
- Wild Geese (1951) TV episode

As always, that Red Skelton rerun: "May God Bless......"

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