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"Medium Rob" over at the blog 'The Medium Is Not Enough' (link to the left!) has issued a meme challenge - to list the three favorite episodes of 'Doctor Who' - but from the updated version (since 2005) only.

I like that it's limited to only three. That makes for quite the challenge! And I'm going to resist the urge to add a postscript along the lines of "Oh, if only it had been five or ten episodes, then I would have added....."

One good thing about this meme is that there are only four seasons of thirteen episodes (plus Christmas specials) to sort through. Even so, I nearly forgot the most important one, what with this failing melon-head of mine! Thankfully, a few other meme respondents picked it as well which brought it back to mind.

So here are my picks:

Last year, this episode won the Toobit Award (this humble blog's annual version of the Emmys) for "Best Episode, Any Show, Any Genre". Probably the scariest thing I have ever watched and it still creeps me out. And best of all, it frightened the living bleep out of my brother who watched it at our lake cottage in the middle of the night all alone. Can't beat that with a stick!

Unlike some, I'm a big fan of the historicals and the way the Doctor gets woven into the established narrative. This episode was the first of several for the new 'Who' and it also serves as a good example for another requirement - for me - in choosing the great episodes - casting. Simon Callow IS the official Toobworld representative for Charles Dickens, which should be no surprise as he has had experience in playing the role in the past.

What can I say? I'm a TV crossover nut and the latest episode delivered in spades. I think it will serve as the definition of "fanwank"! RTD brought all of the show's spin-offs together in the TARDIS and gave them all their moments to shine - even Jackie! Plus there are the marvelous performances by Bernard Cribbins and Catherine Tate in her swan song as Donna Noble. (I originally typed Tate's name as actually being Donna Noble - that's how good she was in the role!)

So let me know what three episodes of "nu-Who" would you pick to be your favorites. Post them here in the comments, or do so on your own blog to keep it going. (And let me know of the link to them!)

Because of the limitation set by the meme, I'm now going to issue my own challenge - List the three best guest stars in the updated version of 'Doctor Who'. Again, post your choices in the comments section or on your own blog and send me the link.

My three choices for best guest stars would be:

Throughout the episode, Professor Yana was an endearing old sort, rather hobbity in a way; and then in five minutes, the world was turned upside down as he was revealed to be the Master! All it took was five minutes to have you longing to see him remain in that role for episodes to come. Knowing that was not to be, I relish those five minutes every time I watch it now.

SIMON CALLOW, "The Unquiet Dead"
Basically I listed my reasons above. He brings life to what could have been a stuffy historical recreation, even surrounded by the other-worldly Gelth.

ZOE WANAMAKER, "The End Of The World"
As Cassandra O'Brien the flesh trampoline, it was all in the eyes, the moue of the mouth, and that silky/smoky voice. That's all that she had to work with and she became one of the best villains ever to cross paths with the Doctor.

Besides, she's family.....

Again, the challenge is in limiting it to three. I have another in mind, but I can showcase that character (not giving away gender) in a later meme idea I have.....

Remember - let me know here of your choices, or provide the link to where you're posting them.

And if you want to read Medium Rob's choices as well as those of his faithful followers, my fellow MINErs,
click here.

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NYMarkie said...

My top three:

3: Boomtown - Margaret is AWESOME! A truly great actress

2: Blink - scary and moving

1: Girl in the Fireplace - This is my all time favorite and is also in my top five of the entire series. David's absolute best acting.

MediumRob said...

Interesting choices! Your counter-meme is challenging though and will require thought. Will probably give it a go tomorrow.

PS Ooh, I like MINErs. Might try to get that adopted. Works quite well for a pro-Welsh blog...

MediumRob said...

Mine are here