Thursday, July 17, 2008


Part Two of 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog' is up. I kept checking for it during the overnight hours, but it wasn't there. I worried about Part Two as I kept checking throughout the overnight to see if it was up yet.

But it's up now and I caught it earlier today. As always with the middle section in trilogies, I thought it was not as "WOW" as with the first, and the songs not as memorable as "Laundry Day" ("Freeze Ray"?) and "Bad Horse". (Not sure about the actual titles.)

But it's still a pleasurable experience and I can't wait to see how it all wraps up. I think the highlight for me came at the end when Captain Hammer revealed that he knew Billy was Captain Horrible. And then that muscle-bound jerk tormented the poor guy with his plans for Penny. Especially loved his need to come back and explain his innuendo about his hammer. What a schmuck! I'm glad Nathan Filion makes it so easy to hate him even though he's the "hero".
As expected, Neil Patrick Harris is brilliant as Billy/Dr. Horrible. Perhaps the drop in my enthusiasm could be that there was more of Billy than of Dr. Horrible, but even so NPH is still a pleasure to watch. And Simon Helberg as his life of crime buddy Moist nails it with his delivery. He should patent his style! (And so they don't feel slighted - as if they'd visit it here! - Filion and Felicia Day were very good as well.)

More characters, mostly super-villains, were named this week. I hope that with a threat against Dr. Horrible's life from the Evil League of Evil, we might actually get to see Bad Horse, Conflict Diamond, Bait and Switch, and other super villains show up in the finale.

Most of this post I used as a comment over at Joe's blog, "I Am A TV Junkie". But I'm feeling a tad lazy in this 90+ degree heat and didn't see the need to type it all over again.....

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