Friday, July 18, 2008


Ed Bernero told Michael Ausiello of that discussions are proceeding between ABC Studios and CBS for a spin-off to 'Criminal Minds'. "It's safe to say there will be something soon," he said. "We had talked about it from the beginning, but something always got in the way of it happening… like Mandy [Patinkin] leaving and the strike. But it's definitely gaining momentum now."

Currently they are "looking at all of the things the FBI does and how we can work that into the 'Criminal Minds' world." Whatever the new aspect turns out to be,
more than likely it will be introduced within 'Criminal Minds' next year, later in the upcoming season.

But it doesn't look as though this spin-off will involve any of the current members of the cast. "We're very happy with the team we have," Bernero said. "On the other hand, it's possible characters could be on both shows… All options are open."

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