Friday, July 18, 2008


For 28 years, Clive Hornby has played Jack Sugden on the ITV soap opera 'Emmerdale'. He wasn't the first to play the role; that distinction went to Andrew Burt. But Hornby went on to make the part his - even to the point of marrying the actress who was playing his on-screen wife.

Clive Hornby has died at the age of 63. He left 'Emmerdale' in January because of illness.

Among the other shows in which he appeared were 'Minder', 'Get Some In', and 'Space: 1999'. During the sixties he was the drummer for the group the Dennisons, which compared favorably to the Beatles (with whom they shared a bill at the Cavern Club).

Even though his role on 'Emmerdale' had been played by another actor in the past, I'm thinking that Hornby's longevity as Jack Sugden will make it impossible to bring in a recastaway. But that's just my opinion; I've never seen the show, so I have no idea if it would be feasible to seek out a new actor....

Clive Hornby is survived by his son, Thomas.
Toby OB

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