Thursday, February 7, 2008


At one point during the season of 'Odyssey 5', Dr. Kurt Mendel mentioned that he had seen "three hundred hours of 'Star Trek'."

Apparently Kurt didn't see the whole output of the franchise.

When Kurt said that, it was 2002, but in his revised timeline. His consciousness had been sent back from 2007, so he had the opportunity to have seen the full output of all the 'Star Trek' shows as well as the movies:

Star Trek - 79 episodes (plus the original pilot)
The Animated Series - 22 episodes (11 hours)
The Next Generation - 178 episodes
Deep Space Nine - 176 episodes
Voyager - 172 episodes
Enterprise - 98 episodes
the movies - 10 (20 hours plus)

So if my math is right - and just because I'm an auditor, there's no guarantee! - there's about 735 hours of 'Trek' that would have been available to Kurt.

I don't think he was a geek - that would have been Neil. So I doubt he watched the cartoon version, and probably turned his nose up at 'Enterprise'. Probably bailed out on 'Voyager' like I did.

Then again, maybe he saw them all and just didn't realize that there had been so many hours of 'Trek' under his belt!

More than likely he had something better to do than watch 'Trek' all day........
Toby OB

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