Monday, February 4, 2008


Here's another "theory of relateeveety" connected to 'Odyssey 5'.....
Born around 1950, NASA Commander Chuck Taggart never knew his maternal grandfather. Brigadier General Frank Savage, who was stationed near Archbury with the 918th Bomber group, was killed in action over the European theater during WWII.

The maiden name for Taggart's mom never came up during the course of 'Odyssey 5', and very little was ever revealed about General Savage's personal life. The combination of those two facts - or lack thereof - helps to strengthen my theory.

And there's just something about the look of the two men that would suggest that they were related.

I'm not suggesting that they have any connection to Gary Seven, from a 'Star Trek' episode, nor to Control, a recurring character on 'The Equalizer'. (However, it's been a long-standing theory of Toobworld Central that both of those characters are the same man.)

Toby OB

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