Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Here it is, only February 5th, and already I think we have a winnuh for the 2008 Toobits Award for Best Crossover of the Year!
Last night, the ongoing feud between Conan O'Brien ('Late Night with Conan O'Brien'), Stephen Colbert ('The Colbert Report'), and Jon Stewart ('The Daily Show'/'A Daily Show') came to a head. Each of them argued as to who could take responsibility for the creation of Mike Huckabee as a serious contender for the Republican nomination to be President of the United States. It took an all-out brawl between those three stooges before we found out the truth from Huckabee himself:

"This great nation made me."

Each of the three "combatants" showed up on the others' shows over the course of two hours. Starting on 'A Daily Show', continuing through 'The Colbert Report' - both on Comedy Central - the argument spilled over into the corridors of NBC. During the knock-down, drag-out fight, old alliances were broken and new partnerships were formed until all three knocked each other out at the same time.

My one Wish-Craft - that when they were struggling over the gun, it would have actually gone off and "shot" somebody else - like Jay Leno, maybe even Ed McMahon or better yet, Chris Hanson! (Please?)

I think it's going to take a lot to top that effort for the honor of Best Crossover of the Year, because Daddy likes a three-way!

I guess you didn't need to know that.....

Toby OB

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Mercurie said...

It definitely was funny. And I agree, it would have been funnier if it had actually shot someone (too bad Steve Allen isn't still alive--he would have done it too).