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Usually with the theories of relateeveety for Toobworld, I focus on familial relationships. But today I've got something different in mind - that of a mentor and his student, a classic right out of the "hero's journey" mold.

Unless otherwise stated, I've always believed that a character's age should be the same as that of the actor playing the role. Robert Lindsay was 56 when he started work on the 'Jericho' mysteries, which were set in 1958. Therefore, Michael Jericho was most likely born in 1902.

Jericho was about 12 years old when he saw his father gunned down in his own home - that would then be circa 1914 or so. I believe he did some time in military service before he joined the police department in London, with an eye on becoming a detective working out of Scotland Yard.

Perhaps there was a senior detective there at the Yard who recognized Jericho's abilities and talent as a detective, who took the young policeman under his wing and tutored him in the finer points of detection. This friendship and tutelage probably began around 1930, after Michael Jericho spent enough time as a bobby and then began working his way up through the ranks.

And if we're to keep this in the Toobworld family, then there should be a senior detective in the Toobworld timeline around the middle 1930s who might have kept an eye on the lad.

I've got the perfect candidate - Chief Inspector James Japp of the 'Poirot' series, based on the works of Agatha Christie. Japp could have taken an avuncular interest in Jericho, which would give him the excuse to take pride in his own skills. Japp could demonstrate them to the younger officer by relating his exploits. (Of course, these would be exploits that were only successful due to the little gray cells of Hercule Poirot, but there's no reason Jericho had to know that!)

By the time of the 'Jericho' series, Chief Inspector James Japp most likely was retired. So there's no reason why we should have seen him during the too-short run of the show. But who knows? Maybe we saw Michael Jericho in one or more of those episodes of 'Poirot' - so long as they were situated in London. Anyone of those police officers seen at the scenes of the crimes - especially those not closely seen by the camera! - could have been Michael Jericho.

Like I always say, can't be proven; can't be disproved.

Toby OB

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