Thursday, February 7, 2008


The Garmin GPS
The ad for the Garmin GPS showed Napoleon racing through the streets of Paris on his way to meet up with his troops. Not on a horse, but in some clunky, old-style car (a Peugeot, maybe?), and he was so height-challenged that it looked like the car had nobody in it!

The knee-jerk reaction after long-term exposure to Toobworld is that somehow Napoleon fell through a worm-hole in Time and landed in the Future. Stuck in the Present, he quickly adapted and learned how to drive, le yada, le yada, le yada.

But sometimes you just have to go for Occam's Razor - the simplest theory is the best.
This Napoleon is a role player enacting the part of Bonaparte. In costume, he's racing through the Parisian streets to reach the site of an historical re-enactment, and thanks to his Garmin GPS, he gets there in time.

Simple and doesn't fray the believability of Toobworld.

As if a world with talking horses can be believable!

Say, I wonder if that's one of Mr. Ed's cousins in the background?

Toby OB

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Jaia said...

Ah, you take the fun out of it! This should be one of those alternate universes where the Dark Ages never happened, so that they had automobiles by the time of Napoleon!