Thursday, February 7, 2008


There's been this list floating around for years - you've probably seen it - about the top movie and TV cliches.

Telephone numbers begin with "555" (at least since 1970, I think).

Girls become gorgeous when they take off their glasses and let down their hair.

When somebody says something incredible over the phone, the listener pulls the phone away and stares at it.

You know the stuff I mean.

Well, two of the Super Bowl ads each employed a classic movie/tv cliche......

The ad & the Garmin GPS ad

The blipvert related the story of Chester Pitts, now a player on the Houston Texans, but who was "discovered" as a bag boy in a local supermarket.

In one scene, we know he's carrying out the bags of groceries to Ephraim Salaam's car because the bag contains a couple of loaves of French bread. Whenever anybody goes to the store in Toobworld, they always bring back French bread. And usually some kind of leafy stalk veggie - like celery.

Wellllll doggies! And don't they show up in the grocery bag as well!

Another movie cliche is that whenever a scene is set in an apartment in Paris, no matter where that apartment is, you can always see the Eiffel Tower.

Eventually you also see it from inside your car while you're driving as well, as seen in the Garmin GPS commercial.

There will be another post about that blipvert later....

Toby OB

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what year the 555 prefixed started, but I know it's used in the crossover episode between Batman and Green Hornet. A model, flirting with Bruce Wayne and Britt Reid, gives her number as 555-5555. Lucky for her, it's easy to remember.