Thursday, February 7, 2008


The tagline for the commercial during the Super Bowl was "Follow Your Heart".

Well, little lady, you better get bookin'! It's halfway down the hallway and she's probably still sitting at her desk with that hole in her chest and her insides pooling up with blood.
But surprisingly, she looked to be still alive and no worse for the experience - she was already "lifeless" at that job before her heart took a powder.

How was she able to do this?

It could be that she read the book "Anything's Possible" by Dr. Vinpur Narpudan, and mastered the art of manipulating the cells of her body with the power of her mind.

It wouldn't be the first time it happened.

In the first season of 'Angel', the vampire detective's client was a woman who was convinced she was being spied upon by the neurosurgeon who saved her life. ("I Fall To Pieces")

It turned out that Dr. Ronald Meltzer pioneered work in reattaching body parts and fixing nerve damage. But no one in the medical community seemed to know how he accomplished all of the radical surgeries that he claimed to have done.

Angel got in contact with the author of “Anything’s Possible”. Dr. Vinpur Narpudan revealed that Meltzer attended many retreats with famous yogis, and was able to master a combination of psychological and physical techniques that made the neurosurgeon an expert in "psychic surgery" as well. He could send his body parts elsewhere and then reattach them to his body.

Angel was able to defeat Dr. Meltzer, but that doesn't mean somebody else couldn't come along and follow in Meltzer's footsteps. The book was available at the local libraries at least, if not still in print. And maybe the young woman in the commercial did all of her "training" with yogis via the internet.

Now, my reasoning in this splainin may seem crazy, but remember the reason I had to come up with it - a living heart burst out of a young woman's chest, walked around, carried a sign... and didn't get a single drop of blood on the keyboard when it landed.

I am the voice of reason compared to that!

Toby OB

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