Thursday, February 7, 2008


It's been a long-held theory at Toobworld Central that squirrels are the fifth most intelligent life form on Earth Prime-Time (after the mice, the dolphins, the humans, and the talking horses of Houyhnhm). This is due to the transformation of a California red squirrel into a human back in the 1960s, thanks to a Martian device (as seen on 'My Favorite Martian').

Even though the squirrel was returned to his normal self, he retained his human intelligence, and that boosted IQ was passed down to his descendants. And as red squirrels can inter-breed with the greys (although rare), it was transferred to them as well. (And it's a major reason as to why the grey squirrels are crowding out the red squirrel population.)

We've seen signs of their intelligence in Toobworld before - in blipverts for car insurance, breakfast cereals, and storm drain guards. They force cars off the road, change road signs, and lately they jump into your SUV to sing Andy Kim songs.

The Bridgestone Ad

With the Bridgestone ad that was featured in the Super Bowl, there really isn't much sign of intelligence on the part of the squirrel who ran out into the road for one acorn. That act alone was pretty stupid, but then again... we've seen humans do the same thing. And that he would freeze up and scream because of the onrushing car? That was instinctual.
Still, there's nothing to say this squirrel isn't one of the millions with heightened intelligence. More than likely the squirrel scarpered home to hide his prize and then write up a Post-It Note to remind him of its location.

And why not? Let's also say that he lived in that same enchanted forest from the Jeep Liberty commercial where all the animals can talk and sing!

I'm feeling magnanimous... and a little nutty.

Toby OB

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