Thursday, January 2, 2014


Here's our second look at "Casablanca" for "Toobworld Goes To The Movies"......

As far as Toobworld is concerned, the 1942 movie "Casablanca" was an idealized version of events in the TV Universe.  The "real" Rick Blaine did not look like Humphrey Bogart; he was stockier and resembled actor Paul Douglas (whose televersion is confirmed thanks to an episode of 'I Love Lucy'.)

Douglas may not have been the most handsome of leading men, but then again neither was Bogart.  This is just another example of the movies idealizing the "real-life" inspiration.

The movie was adapted for television early in 1955 as an episode of 'Lux Video Theatre'.  It was O'Bviously edited for time, but all the major plot points from the movie were addressed.  And this is now the official version of events which were "later" adapted into the movie.

Later in 1955, and again in 1983, "Casablanca" was adapted as a TV series, but as prequels to the events of the movie.  Both of these are assigned to alternate TV dimensions.

It was tempting to finagle entry into Earth Prime-Time for the Charles McGraw series from 1955.  Altough many sources online claim that McGraw played Bogie's character of Rick Blaine, it's likely those sites just shared a common assumption.

If any site would be dedicated to every detail concerning "Casablanca", it would be Vincent's Casablanca Page.  

He says that McGraw played Rick Jason, not Rick Blaine.  I probably could have come up with a splainin - that Rick Jason sold the Cafe Americain to Rick Blaine, but then how would I splain away all the other recastings - like Captain Renault, Signore Ferrari, and Sam?

Occam's Razor must be applied here.  But it was tempting.  Just look at McGraw - he was perfect for the "historical" figure upon whom Bogie's movie character was based.......

So the one-shot for "Casablanca" is the only version of the movie in the main Toobworld.

Here's lookin' at you, Kid.....

(Unfortunately, I don't have any actual pictures of Paul Douglas as Rick Blaine.  The second photo is from "Panic In The Streets", but it had a nice feel to it - as though Rick was giving instructions to one of his waiters.....)

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