Wednesday, January 1, 2014


It's never too early to start thinking up those untold stories about the 12th Doctor which will never be seen by the viewing audience in the Trueniverse.

More than likely there will be space between episodes in which these stories can be squeezed in, so if you've already started wrting some, let me know where to find it on the web.  I'd love to read it.

Ever since the announcement that Peter Capaldi would be the 12th Doctor (I say he's the 13th Incarnation.  We'll see.), Facebook has been flooded with old publicity pictures of the actor as well as photoshopped treats showing what his Doctor might look like in action.

And that's where I found this minor oddity.

It looks like the type of picture Entertainment Weekly might have taken for some story about Capaldi... like if he had been doing publicity rounds for a movie like "Fierce Creatures."  (Which he is not in, I checked.  Does anybody have a clue as to what this picture was for?)

Well, no matter the picture's original intent, I'm going to suggest it to be considered part of the off-screen adventures of the next Doctor.  And I have the story tailor-made for it, already written!

Not be me.  By some schmuck who helped write the Book of Genesis (Chapters 6 - 9.)

The Doctor has been involved with events from the Bible before, at least with the New Testament.  He rented the last hotel room to be had in Bethlehem, which is why Mary ended up giving birth in the manger.  Whether he did so knowingly or not wasn't mentioned in his anecdote.

So why couldn't he have become involved with Noah's quest to save the wildlife of the world?

There would have been plenty of cubit space in the TARDIS for two animals of every kind.  He could even have taken on board the two unicorns and then provided them a better ending than the one we know from the Irish Rovers.

How I  would handle it?  

Clara  begged to save the unicorns, but the Doctor said their extinction was a fixed point in Time; he couldn't help them.  But without him knowing it, Clara got a pair of them on board the TARDIS and hid them away in her room, deep in the TARDIS.

The Doctor didn't discover them until he and Clara left Noah and his disembarked zoo behind.  Rather than taking them back to Earth, knowing that he couldn't jeopardize the planet's timeline, he took them to a pastoral planet free of sentient life, where they would have no predators to worry about.  There they would be able to breed and flourish.

So this picture could be of the Doctor protecting a young fawn born during the trip from a lion looking for a meal.  And as the person who posted this picture mentioned, the Doctor speaks lion.  He was O'Bviously telling the King of the Jungle to back off.

This edition of Fanficcer's Friend is dedicated to my nephew Thomas Muller.  It has been one of the joys of my life to share 'Doctor Who' with him.  I'm not good at sports or helping with homework, but sharing a great story well-told on TV?  I can do that.....


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