Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Back in August of last year, fellow crossoverist Thom Holbrook came up with his own Wish-Craft about what the plotline should be in the 50th anniversary special for 'Doctor Who':

I think for the anniversary they should bring back Donna and the "other" Tennant Doctor, get that energy and whatnot out of her, back into him, and give Tennant another lap. It would give them a chance to do something shocking: kill off the current Doctor without him regenerating. Then Tennant goes back full Time Lord and gets another go, eventually regenerating again. Won't happen but it's such a crazy idea I dig it. That would make him the most regenerating Doctor ever.

I would watch that show!

Over to the left in my blogroll, you'll find a link to Thom's excellent site, "Crossovers & Spinoffs".  It's sort of the encyclopedia for the topic....


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