Thursday, January 2, 2014


Hi there!

Didja miss me?

You may not have noticed, considering yesterday's deluge of posts during the annual Who's On First blogathon, but I have not been posting on a regular basis since August 19th!  There were a handful of posts done while I was recuperating from surgery, and only two of the Who posts were written once I got back to Toobworld Central (needed to wait until the 50th anniversary).

But I was not idle.  I filled a Composition notebook with stories, promising to post them in 2014, a post a day.  So some may feel like old news but that's the way it goes.  There still new O'Bservations for the most part (unless somebody else came up with the same idea?)

There won't be anymore daily features like "As Seen On TV" or "League Of Themselves", but I will have a monthly feature to go with the inductions into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame.  It's called Toobworld Goes To The Movies and will be about the televersions of twelve classic movies, something appropriate for each month I hope.

As for the TVXOHOF, it'll be another off-beat year of candidates as the Hall celebrates its fifteenth year of existence.  Most of the inductees only have one credit to their name, but theoretically they could link many other shows together.  (Like Dr. Loveless did.)

Just keep my mantra in mind: "What I say, goes."

So I hope you enjoy this return to our normally scheduled programming, already in progress.......



Rob Buckley said...

Welcome back! Missed ya!

Toby O'B said...

Thanks! Same here!