Wednesday, January 1, 2014


As I write this, the 50th Anniversary special for 'Doctor Who' is still months away with the Christmas special a month after that.

I don't know how much I'll be able to accomplish in getting these posts done before I have surgery on Wednesday, August 21st.  But I'll have limited capability online while I'm recuperating up in Ct. - iPhone and tablet are worth shit for blogging to my mind.  So at best I'll be able to post the text of my thoughts on them both, but I'll have to eschew most pictures (just like in the old days!)

But in the meantime, I can post my theory about the donated DNA for the regeneration between the Eleventh Incarnation and the Twelfth.

For once, we actually saw it happen!

However, there is a hitch - this is the first time in which we saw an earlier Doctor's biological imperative absorb the DNA and not the Doctor immediately preceding the new Incarnation.

When the Tenth Doctor listened to Donna's pleas and went back to rescue the family of Caecillius, he grasped the hand of Caecillius to guide him inside the TARDIS.  That's when the contact was made.  

So this was one time when the DNA was stored but not used upon the next regeneration.  The Doctor may have even stored it away in that data storage program which may have been designed by his old school chum Drax.  Which is why his body called upon a later collected sample from young Jim Taylor when it finally did come time to regenerate.

Eventually I hope to have the regeneration scene added in for you....

As to those mewling complaints that Peter Capaldi shouldn't be the Doctor because he was not only in 'Doctor Who' - "The Fires Of Pompeii", but also in 'Torchwood: Children Of Earth' as John Frobisher?

Well, I hope my DNA absorption theory settles the conflict as far as Caecillius goes.  As for Frobisher, it was the show's production team at the time who suggested that Frobisher was descended from Caecillius.  

As usual in Toobworld, the family genetics ran strong even down through countless generations.


I'm back at Toobworld Central as of today, November 30th, but still hobbled by my foot.  However, at least I can blog again!

And in that time I spent away, I've heard a rumor that the facial resemblance between Capaldi's Doctor and the characters he played in 'Doctor Who' and 'Torchwood' may be addressed - if not in the Christmas special, then in the next season of the series.

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