Wednesday, January 1, 2014

AT THE MOVIES - APRIL 10th, 2013


Clara Oswald received a very old letter in the post from Lady Vastra, reaching across the centuries to summon the nanny for a "conference call":

"Assuming this letter reaches you on April the 10th, 2013"

So it was that on Wednesday the Tenth of April when Clara began perhaps her greatest adventure.  While she was gone with Vastra, Jenny, Strax and River Song on her "conference call", the Doctor was looking after the kids.  When he refused their request to go to the cinema, they suggested a game of blind man's bluff.  

But it was a trick.  While he was blindfolded, they took off and went to the cinema anyway.

It was a Wednesday.  Just as in America, movies open on Fridays - and at least since 'Star Wars' in 1977 - on Wednesdays in the UK.

So what opened on Wednesday, April the Tenth of this year?

I think Angie and Archie took off to see an opening day showing of the new Tom Cruise movie, "Oblivion".

It feels right; the type of title that has portent for the events in the episode.

And the kids probably laughed and threw razzberries because they were in on an inside joke.


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